“Steve is a smart, detail-oriented leader who understands what it takes to effectively execute a strategic initiative.  Steve did impressive work assisting both our sales and professional services teams during his time at Mzinga.  Under his guidance, Steve managed a professional and disciplined group of strategic consultants who understood the fundamental business needs and tactics of the enterprise social media space.  Those who worked with Steve directly all praised his leadership, in particular, his welcoming demeanor, patience, clarity, and willingness to hold everyone to the highest standards.  Given Steve’s knowledge and experience, has the ability to implement processes that scale and can facilitate organizational design and changes.  The way he thinks about strategy (see his Seven Components of Successful Community) demonstrates his ability to really understand the challenges many organizations face when looking to deploy social technology initiatives.”

Barry Libert – Chairman & CEO, Mzinga Inc.

“…Steve managed major changes in our support and client management procedures in an effective and supportive way during a change of ownership in the company, developing new processes that helped streamline and scale company efforts, as well as helping boost client satisfaction.  In addition, I found Steve to be an approachable, engaged, and very knowledgeable manager and director who was always able to help and coach his staff with great ideas and with a terrific sense of humor…”

Stephanie Shane – Senior Client Services Manager, Prospero Technologies

“We found Steve’s 7 part framework particularly helpful in bettering our understanding of Community Management.  The supporting case study examples, punctuated by Steve’s personal anecdotes provided a lens for clarifying what is a rather murky concept in the blogosphere.”

Tom Reeder – Partner, Adjuvi LLC

“Steve worked within a client organization and was truly an irreplaceable resource to the project. He has an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between strategic thought or vision and its execution in reality.  That ability and the alacrity with which he performs the work, without fanfare or drama, made him a huge asset and irreplaceable resource…”

Amie Devero – President / Founder, The Devero Group

“It was a tremendous pleasure working with Steve at Ceridian. He is a true subject matter expert, enormously customer focused and can integrate very successfully within both a client and corporate environment.  Steve’s dedication in the workplace consistently yields upper echelon results.  I highly recommend Steve – he is a team player, extremely analytical, and can deliver the revenue results.”

Alison Elder – Vice President, Total Outsourcing, Ceridian

The Workscape HR portal services practice was clearly years ahead of its time in terms of concepts, content, services, and transactions. Steve was an excellent leader and manager and I enjoyed working with him. He crafted strategy and then built the teams and relationships needed to carry out complex tasks in a concurrent fashion. The result was two award winning portal implementations.”

Fred Grant – Manager, Operations Analysis & Research, Office of Emergency Medical Services/Trauma

“Steve is a strong professional and tremendous asset to any team. Working with Steve in complex engagements with tight deadlines was a pleasure as his hard work and dedication allowed the rest of the team excel and succeed consistently.  He also has a unique ability to communicate clearly and allow complicated problems seem easier to understand and overcome.”

David Coyner, Vice President of Sales, Health & Welfare Outsourcing, Ceridian